Thyroid, Adrenal Issues, and Overall Wellbeing

I started with the clinic because it is only a mile from where I live and I wanted acupuncture to treat my ongoing issues of hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, and newly diagnosed diabetes. After a few weekly appointments, I began to feel a bit stronger.  But I knew intuitively almost immediately that acupuncture was helping me. After about 3 months, I... Read more »


I have had success in the past with acupuncture and herbs for female related issues. Therefore, I am a strong believer in Eastern Medicine practices and holistic approaches to healing. I started seeing Dr. Torres in March of 2018 to address my ongoing fatigue and digestion issues.  Just after my first treatment, I noticed a positive shift in my energy levels and mental

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Post Lyme Disease

I first met Dr. Torres when I was working Saturdays at the front desk of In Fine Fettle, where she was a practitioner.  I would see how clients would present before and after acupuncture.  I noticed a distinct shift in them; specifically, I noticed that they spoke and moved calmer, slower. I noticed a lightness, a relaxation that hadn’t been

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Gastrointestinal Issues

I was looking for a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in March 2018 to help with some recurring stomach issues. In the past I have had successful acupuncture treatments for a locked jaw. Therefore, I am  a believer in holistic and natural methods of healing. I make an effort to maintain  a healthy lifestyle by eating a clean diet while staying active physically

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