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Acupuncture has changed my life!

Acupuncture with Dr. Torres has changed my life. After a thorough questionnaire, we chatted about my health concerns and questions, ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to emotional and behavioral challenges I was facing. Dr Torres was compassionate, patient, and thorough in getting to know me and explaining the process of acupuncture. 

After inserting the needles, and generously chatting about the meaning

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Long Covid-19 Illness

Maria Cristina Torres Moore at Integral Alternative Medicine PLLC in Chicago rescued me from a prolonged, deep-seated, Covid-19 illness. Based on so many others’ Covid-19 reports, when I did contract the virus, I expected to have a swift or mild experience, so did not call Maria until weeks into my symptoms. By then, the virus had seemed to take hold

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Walking on clouds!

I highly recommend Dr. Maria Christina Torres at Integral Alternative Medicine. Her professional knowledge and skills along with her bedside manner made me feel that I had made the best decision to seek her help.

A month ago I wasn’t feeling well I had a flu bug, was run down and a bit depressed. In the past, I would have

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Thyroid, Adrenal Issues, and Overall Wellbeing

I started with the clinic because it is only a mile from where I live and I wanted acupuncture to treat my ongoing issues of hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, and newly diagnosed diabetes. After a few weekly appointments, I began to feel a bit stronger.  But I knew intuitively almost immediately that acupuncture was helping me. After about 3 months, I... Read more »
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