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Energy Healing

Welcome to Integral Alternative Medicine, where my personal journey through the realms of conventional and alternative medicine has given birth to a unique approach to healing. At the heart of our practice lies a fusion of acupuncture, herbal remedies, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments, and the profound art of energy healing.

Energy Healing

About Energy Healing:

My path has been a winding one, starting with a career in conventional medicine as an MD, driven by a deep-seated desire to help people heal. The journey involved years of prescribing medications and pioneering research, adding layers to my experience. However, a growing awareness led me to seek a different path, one that delved into energy healing while simultaneously navigating my own spiritual and inner healing journey.

The doors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) opened new possibilities during a four-year Master’s degree. What began as an inner quest for profound healing transformed into an exploration of various modalities and teachings. TCM became the gateway to a new healing paradigm.

While practicing acupuncture, I noticed a distinct difference in the experiences of patients under my care compared to similar protocols with other practitioners. Initially attributed to coincidence or my ‘bedside manner,’ I later realized the significance of elements like caring, concentration, intention, and willpower—factors influencing the healing experience for both me and my clients.

Guided by remarkable mentors, I’ve uncovered unique ways to support healing at a deeper level. Gratitude fills my heart for the experiences, the knowledge gained, and the invaluable guidance from mentors and guides. Most importantly, I extend my thanks to the patients and clients who generously share their feedback, contributing to the ongoing evolution of Integral Alternative Medicine.

Fueled by purpose, my mission is to extend healing to as many people as possible. As part of this commitment, I am thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of group sessions tailored for Spanish-speaking women. Join me on this transformative journey where ancient wisdom meets modern healing, and the power of transformation begins from within.

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