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Thyroid, Adrenal Issues, and Overall Wellbeing

I started with the clinic because it is only a mile from where I live and I wanted acupuncture to treat my ongoing issues of hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, and newly diagnosed diabetes.
After a few weekly appointments, I began to feel a bit stronger.  But I knew intuitively almost immediately that acupuncture was helping me.
After about 3 months, I inquired about the use of herbs.  Dr. T was very knowledgeable and encouraging in her response, and so I added herbs to my treatment.  Again, I sensed right away that they were helping and have continued taking herbs since then on a daily basis.  Dr. T knows how to “tweak” the formulas according to my current state (ie digestion upset, winter colds, bladder urgency, migraines, fatigue or weak pulses)
Lately, I have been weaning off the only prescription medication that I take to help me sleep.  Night herbs that Dr.T gives me are helping me do this successfully.
I came for treatment every week for several months, and now I sometimes skip a week but since I am frequently out of town it kind of shakes down to about 2-3x/mo.  I take herbs twice daily plus one night dose.
There is no question that acupuncture and herbs have helped my overall wellness and health.  It has been slow, and I may never fully recover my thyroid and adrenal wellness, but Dr. T has helped me live with more energy and alertness little by little and I will not stop.
It is important to me to be wholly involved in my own healthcare.  She takes a comprehensive interest in all of her patients.  With Dr. T I feel that we are teaming it; there is a relaxed and informative back-and-forth that never feels hurried.  She has so much integrity and really cares, that is so important. Dr. T is an exceptional practitioner. She loves her work and is very experienced.  I have recommended her to others several times.
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