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Walking on clouds!

I highly recommend Dr. Maria Christina Torres at Integral Alternative Medicine. Her professional knowledge and skills along with her bedside manner made me feel that I had made the best decision to seek her help.

A month ago I wasn’t feeling well I had a flu bug, was run down and a bit depressed. In the past, I would have contacted my doctor, wanted a week for an appointment and have been given a drug of some kind for a quick fix. Instead, I called Dr. Torres and she was able to see me that day.

After our consultation, where she looked at my symptoms from both a Western and Eastern Medicine approach, we decided on the best path to my healing. She treated me with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs and I felt better right away. Acupuncture doesn’t hurt and its benefits are amazing. I have had several more treatments with her and am now feeling better than ever with even more energy. This may be hard to believe, but after my last treatment, I felt like I was walking on clouds!

Try Dr. Torres you will be glad you did :))

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