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Acupuncture has changed my life!

Acupuncture with Dr. Torres has changed my life. After a thorough questionnaire, we chatted about my health concerns and questions, ranging from musculoskeletal injuries to emotional and behavioral challenges I was facing. Dr Torres was compassionate, patient, and thorough in getting to know me and explaining the process of acupuncture. 

After inserting the needles, and generously chatting about the meaning behind each placement, I was left to rest in a dark, warm room with soothing music. 

During the process I felt tension in my body release, my hips shook, my leg twitched, and my neck cracked all of their own volition. After checking in and removing the needles I felt like a child in my body, vibrant, full, and alive. 

I’ve continued sessions with Dr Torres over the past year. Regular acupuncture with such a grounded, centered practitioner has me leaving each session feeling revitalized and aligned, as if the sky has opened for me. 


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