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Magic food?

My Friends share with me a lot of information related to super power food and so you find a lot in the media.  Many people rush to increase consumption of such meals, such as cranberries, kale, brocoli, turmeric and so on.  What I would like to say is that we should eat a balanced meal as we are directed by our doctors and nutritionists, with a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Since I am interested promoting a healthy lifestyle I decided to summarize an interestinc epidemiologic study conducted in Britain. “Mortality in British vegetarians: review and preliminary results from EPIC-Oxford”, published on Am J Clin Nutr 2003;78(suppl):533S–8S  they studied a population of over 11000 customers of a healthy food store and made a follow up for several years and the conclusion was that people with healthy nutrition the mortality rate is less than the open population in Great Britain and had less incidence of cancer, coronary disease and diabetes. They also report that there is no difference in the mortality rate between vegetarians and non vegetarians within the same studied group.  The bottom-line is that what our grand parents used to say about eating your vegetables is still valid and it is part of what Chinese Medicine recommends. According to Dr. Maoshing Ni’s book the recommended proportion is whole grains 40%, fresh vegetables 40%, fresh fruits 10% and protein 10% (The Tao of Nutrition (2009) SevenStarCommunications Group, 3rd. edition. Los Angeles, CA. 2009)


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