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Weight Loss with Acupuncture

Weight control is a major concern in today’s world.   According to Chinese medicine, being overweight is a form of dampness.   Ancient Chinese wisdom recognized that dampness was a common cause of disease. Dampness does not relate only to obesity, it also relates to an abnormal accumulation of water and fat. It affects not only your physical appearance, but also your mood and your energy.  Dampness feels as if you are swimming in a swamp, as opposed to swimming in clean water.  You can also notice the effects of dampness in your thinking,  you may be more distracted or your mind can feel “foggy.”   Have you noticed that for some people it takes a long time to get up and lots of coffee in the morning to get moving?  We all have some degree of dampness in our bodies when our organs that are in charge of digestion do not work as well as they should. Oriental Medicine can help you improve your digestion with acupuncture and herbal formulas, and we can also recommend some lifestyle changes that can help you to control stress and anxiety. For more information, read this article which summarizes a number of ways Oriental Medicine can help you

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