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Healthy cooking and meal preparation – Easy recipes for busy people

One of my main priorities is to ensure that I am properly nourished, which is a challenge when you have a busy schedule. I tend to share with patients and friends my recipes, so I decided to publish them here, along to my some sources of information.

Some of my very last additions has been to prepare raw food, so I learned how to prepare meals using plant based ingredients (mostly).

Example of my favorite breakfast meals:
Chia seeds pudding
Creamy Oatmeal
Whole grain toast with avocado
Quinoa and coconut pudding

Lunch ideas:
Taco beans
“Molletes” with pico de gallo
Lentil soup
Chili stew
Mushrooms quesadilla
Vegetable wrap
Falafel burgers
Salad with lots of greens, quinoa and avocado.
Some of those recipes will be posted under “Favorite recipes” soon.  Bear with me.

Disclaimer: This website and posts contain the author’s personal opinion and experience. It does not constitute or substitute medical advice.

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