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Holistic Medicine in Chicago, IL


Hello there.  We are pleased to welcome you to our website, especially if you are seeking a proven alternative to Western medicine with its reliance on pills, surgical interventions, and treatments that masks disease rather than seeking to address the underlying cause of dysfunction.

Especially focused on women over 45, (Integral Alternative Medicine) IAM offers dramatic and effective answers for pre-menopausal problems that may be limiting your self-confidence, happiness, and sense of well-being.  IAM uses the integration of many disciplines to achieve success, from acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herbal remedies that have been successfully used for centuries to hypnosis and energy healing.

Book an appointment to discuss alternative, drug-free paths ways to a new experience of wellness and well-being.

Healing Trauma with Acupuncture

Embrace the transformative power of aligning with the rhythms of fall, guided by traditional Chinese medicine. From herbal remedies to acupuncture, integrate these ancient practices to nurture balance, fortify the immune system, and thrive in harmony with the evolving season.

The 12 Meridians of the Body Explained

The meridian system is a phrase that comes up often during acupuncture treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that energy (also referred to as qi) flows throughout the body much like blood does. When this flow of energy becomes disrupted, symptoms and disease can occur. Acupuncture and other forms of Eastern medicine work to restore the flow of energy throughout

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Thrive Through the Season: Traditional Chinese Tips to Overcome Fall Slumps

As the fall season sets in, many experience a noticeable slump characterized by fatigue, mood shifts, disrupted sleep patterns, decreased motivation, and physical discomfort. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers insights and practical solutions to navigate this seasonal shift with resilience and vitality.

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