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Post Lyme Disease

I first met Dr. Torres when I was working Saturdays at the front desk of In Fine Fettle, where she was a practitioner.  I would see how clients would present before and after acupuncture.  I noticed a distinct shift in them; specifically, I noticed that they spoke and moved calmer, slower. I noticed a lightness, a relaxation that hadn’t been there before.  I decided to become a patient myself. I have been seeing Dr. Torres as a patient for approximately one year for Post-Lyme or Chronic Lyme Syndrome. I noticed a relaxation response after the first session, a slowing down of my heart rate and breath rate, and a sense of well being.I began with one session a week; however, about six months ago, I increased to twice sessions a week, as my schedule permits. The biggest difference I have noticed in increasing to two sessions a week is a shift in the quality of my sleep. I now sleep deeply and soundly.  

 I wish everyone could receive regular acupuncture, as the results, although subtle, are profound. For example, I have a meditation practice, and notice that the after-effects of acupuncture are similar to those of meditation: relaxation, stillness, connectedness to breath,  heightened awareness. After I leave a session, the colors outside are brighter, the sounds more distinct, the moments slower. I am on the parasympathetic nervous system, or that relaxed state where healing happens.  I notice these results come faster with each session. In other words, the effects of acupuncture seem to be cumulative.  People have commented on my changed appearance: I’ve lost weight, my skin has more color, I have more energy. 

I feel one of the greatest gifts that Dr. Torres brings to her sessions is a great sense of optimism and hope, both in the work, and in the patient’s own capacity for healing. She is well-versed and educated in both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, so patients benefit from the integration of these disciplines. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition. She is an expert  herbalist. She offers a true holistic approach to her work.   

— CL




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