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Stress management – Alternative medicine

Overworking and staying super busy is important in our times. It seems that if you look relaxed it is because you are lazy or not doing your job. What is happening is that we are immersed in a culture of overachieving at a very high cost to our health, our family and our social life. I do not have the answer to how to handle that, but I do have some recommendations of alternative methods I make to my patients to help manage stress, other to have acupuncture sessions on a regular basis.


There are many different types of meditation techniques such as guided meditation, mantra meditation and mindfulness meditation.   You can do guided meditation by forming mental images in your mind of places that you find relaxing and using as many of the five senses as possible to experience those places.  Another type of meditation is the Mantra meditation, where you silently repeat a word in your mind to help you to avoid distracting thoughts and stay focused. Find more at How meditation can help with stress.

Finally, there is mindfulness meditation which is a way of increasing your acceptance and awareness of living in the present moment not being distracted by the future or the past and you do this by expanding your conscious awareness, which is done by  focusing on the flow of your breath, as the Mayo Clinic website explains.


Yoga is a way of doing a series of different postures and stretches to help promote a flexible body and a calm mind.  The poses used in yoga need to be done with concentration and balance and meditation is a key part to yoga because meditation helps center your body to help perform the yoga stretches that will most benefit you in the long run. Yoga is also a low-impact form of exercise, to there would be no added tension or stress to the body’s joints or muscles, when done under proper supervision to ensure proper postures to avoid harm to your body.  Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, with each other because meditation is incorporated to the yoga and is the essential part of yoga.

Tai chi

This is a form of gentle Chinese martial arts. In tai chi (TIE-CHEE), you perform a self-paced series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner while practicing deep breathing  Find more of the Tai chi story.

Other ways of taking care of yourself when your busy is finding time to to play sports and eat healthy. In order to do so you should be able to manage your time in balancing your work life and your personal life to take care of yourself.


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