Everyone today knows the benefits of acupuncture. But there is acupuncture and then there’s acupuncture with Cristina Torres-Moore.

Dr Cristina was recommended to me a few years ago when I was looking for an acupuncturist to maintain my health. In that time, she has helped me avoid the colds and flu that plague Chicago in the winter and has treated me for an injury with great success. Her background as a MD means she really is the best of both Western and Eastern worlds: she doesn’t just treat her patients, she heals them. Her level of caring and compassion and focus on each patient is like nothing I’ve ever experienced—-even house calls!

There is no more affordable, painless and actually enjoyable way to take care of yourself. I can’t recommend Dr Cristina highly enough. Give yourself the gift of good health and make an appointment. You’ll be as happy and as healthy as I am.

Marianne Cahill

Before I started getting acupuncture from Cristina Torres, I had no idea it could work so effectively on so many problems.

Cristina is knowledgeable about both Chinese and Western medicine. I feel I am getting the best of both worlds. She cares deeply about the well-being of her patients. She provides just exactly what I need.

Paige Temple


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Kristin G.

Let me start by saying I am scared to death of needles and had typically not been very open to the idea of acupuncture. After a bout of chronic asthma I was desperate to try anything and everything to feel better, particularly if that meant I could get off of some of my prescription asthma meds. Cristina makes me feel comfortable every visit in spite of my needle-nerves and I can notice an immediate difference in how I feel when I am there. She takes the time to get to know her patients and offers advice on lifestyle changes that can compliment the acupuncture and traditional medical treatment. The acupuncture has helped me tremendously – both for my asthma and with general anxiety. Coming from a math and science background I can’t quite wrap my mind around how it works, but I can’t argue with the results! This skeptic is now a firm believer.

Sheryl D.

Maria Cristina Torres is terrific. I went to her with sleeping problems and now I sleep through the night or can easily fall back to sleep if I wake up. It’s amazing how many things acupuncture can help with.

Matthew S.

Maria is absolutely the best! She is an expert at acupuncture and answered my questions about my health and well being. I really appreciate it Maria! I always feel better after seeing you!

B. N.

Ms. Maria Cristina Torres is amazing. Let me give a little history first. I have been fighting cancer for the last 4 1/2 years along with all the treatments and several surgeries. The pain started after about 6 months and the doctors would not admit that it had anything to do with the treatments or surgeries. After many many tests, I was put on strong pain medicine and have been on it for years. I hate it. The last surgery was 1/2012 and the pain has been continuing. My doctors had been telling me all along to get used to being in pain and less energy that it was my ‘new normal”. I was getting nowhere with trying to get off the addictive pain meds because of the continued pain. I had the opportunity through the cancer center to try acupuncture. Although I had no real experience with acupuncture prior to this, I had alot of hope. I have been seeing Ms Torres for a month and have decreased my medication by almost half. The pain is reduced, my stamina and energy is increasing dramatically and I almost feel like the old me. To heck with doctors and their “new normal”. Thanks to Ms. Torres I am getting myself back and hope for continued improvement without addiction. Give it a try. She is amazing, kind, and compassionate.

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